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Virtual Interactive Innovation in Motion (ViiM) Technologies Inc is a company that develop cutting edge hardware, software, and operating systems. ViiM Hardware product suite, AWARE, is a Web 3 lifestyle communication product that can function as an alternative to the mobile phone and laptop. AWARE is a design paradigm for products and services that fundamentally redefine how we interact with content and money in our everyday lives. AWARE is the merger of lifestyle, block chain technology, artificial intelligence, and decentralization. With AWARE hands-free interface, users can 1) pay at any store with either crypto currency or fiat, 2) merge data with reality to provide information about users’ surroundings (e.g. star charts, plant information, historical city data, home data, real time concerts and entertain etc.), 3) immerse with brand augmented reality content, 4) generate real world social media experiences through facial recognition technology, and 5) shop in a AI market place for algorithms to create digital twins and avatars that function in the metaverse.

Today, society is discovering and inventing new ways to input and output information. With this rapid evolution of technology, we need to ensure our product designs keep pace with this rate of change. AWARE by ViiM Tech Inc. captures the best of technological advancements in a sleek, stylish, and fashionable way. Allowing users to discover a new way to experience content and to interact with the world.

ViiM’s hardware line includes smart glasses, a virtual keyboard, portable Wi-Fi, mini-printer, phones, tablets, and other accessories. Utilizing ViiM’s smart glasses users will not only be able to access their favorite applications like Netflix and YouTube, but they will also travel through an augmented reality universe. ViiM’s native OS with AWARE hardware suite provides users the ability to, 1) monetize their own content in real-time, 2) hold digital assets in a non-custodial cross-chain wallet, 3) explore real world retail hubs, 4) transact within a cross-chain digital marketplace, 5) utilize an agnostic cross-chain decentralized exchange, and 6) navigate through a gamified operating system built on Linux.



The boundaries between physical objects and digital content is disappearing. The Spatial Web, sometimes called Web 3.0 is the next evolution in technology and is created by the convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Block chain (e.g., distributed ledge technology), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), advanced networking (e.g., 5G), geo location, IoT devices and sensors. ViiM Tech is the first company to converge these technologies in a form of a Hardware suite and OS. The OS and hardware suite vastly improves intuitive interactions and increases our ability to deliver highly contextualized experiences—for businesses and consumers alike—the Spatial Web sparks new opportunities to improve efficiency, communication, entertainment and create new business advantages by transitioning, 1) the Desktop browser and Mobile touchscreen to Wearable AR/VR, voice, and IoT devices 2) Situated server and Cloud computing to Distributed computing (via AI, 5G + Edge), and 3) Structured (SQL) Unstructured (big data) to Distributed ledger technology (blockchain).

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